Lead Capture

How you can capture a lead though a SMOC flow and integrate the data captured.


To perform this tutorial you to have set up a SMOC flow to capture data on. This use case is extended in:

The case can also be combined with:

Use Case

User Story OverviewAlternatives / comments
(a) A prospect or customer of a SMOC client
(b) enters a SMOC client’s Websitecan be App, Landing page
(c) is not identified
(d) and interacts with SMOC flow
(e) during interaction is presented with a form where (s)he leaves contact details.contact is now identified

(i) data is stored on the SMOC flow analytics
(ii) data is stored on the SMOC contact profile and customer is set to lead or none stateif Zapier is set up, data flows through to your other integrated systems

Interaction Diagram