Convert Customer

How you can capture a lead and stimulate conversion with rewards though a SMOC flow and integrate the data captured.


To perform this tutorial you to have set up a SMOC flow to capture data on. This use case is extended in:

The case can also be combined with:

Use Case

User Story OverviewAlternatives / comments
(a) A prospect or customer of a SMOC client
(b) enters a SMOC client’s Websitecan be App, Landing page
(c) is not identifiedcan also be identified
(d) and interacts with SMOC flow.
(e) During interaction is presented with a form where (s)he leaves contact details and will get a reward if (s)he becomes a customercontact is now identified and in lead state

(f) Interaction is now handed over to the SMOC client who converts prospect to customer.

can be done by a handover element in the conversation. Contact data can be captured by Zapier if set up, or direct call to Retrieve company contacts
(g) SMOC is notified that the state for contact has gone from lead to customercan be done manually or automatically by calling Confirm a contact
(h) SMOC sends out rewards and handles all messaging and transactions with the customer.Rewards are sendt out in batch from the SMOC console when company triggers it.
(i) data is stored on the SMOC flow analytics
(ii) data is stored on the SMOC contact profile and customer set to customer flows through Zapier if set up


Interaction Diagram