Confirm a contact

In this tutorial we show how you can confirm a SMOC.AI contact as having turned into a customer, triggering the issuing of the associated reward.


To perform this guide you will need to get an authentication token for your company from SMOC.AI. At this time there is no direct way to get this yourself but it’s being worked on.

In this guide we will use the token


as the value to simulate having a real token available.

All data returned in this guide is test data only.

Finally you are going to need the command line curl, a similar GUI tool or your favorite programming language to perform the calls. In our examples we will lean on the use of curl for our examples.

Confirming a contact as a customer

This API endpoint is used to confirm that a lead contact has turned into a customer by performing a callback from your internal system. Performing the callback will trigger the issuing of the final reward to the end end contact who is now a customer.

The paramters available are.

Parameter NamePossible ValuesDescription
emailN/AThe email identifying the contact.
typecustomer, lead, prospectThe type of the user to confirm it as.

Lets confirm a simulated customer.

curl -X POST "http://localhost:8080/api/company/customer/confirm?" -H "accept: */*" -H "token: XDaNkCDLpUcY4OVWBkAwyOdn" -d ""

This call will return just a boolean with the value being a text string of either true or false.