App Integration

In this guide we describe the main method to display a SMOC flow inside an app on ios or android.


To create an onboarding flow or a feedback flow in your app, SMOC today gives you the ability to embed an iframe into your app Web View component.

We will in this guide show you how it is done.


To perform this guide you will need to have created a flow in the SMOC design studio and have access to app development setup of your app.

Getting your iFrame Code

See the guide Website Integration for details on how to get the iframe code.

Embedding your code in the iframe

You can embed the flow as Both apple and iOS support different means a Web View in your app.

  1. For apple, this used to be though the UIWebView component, but as this is now deprecated, it is suggested to replace UIWebView with alternatives.
  2. For Android OS please use the WebView component.